Weapons are an integral part of Black's gameplay. Weapons in Black range from pistols to sub-machine guns and assault rifles as well as specialty weapons like the Walther 2000 and the RPG.

Standard Weapons
Icon Make Model Class Mag Ammo Attachments
Glock17Icon Gaston Glock 17 Pistol 12 100 Suppressor
AK47Icon Izhmash AK 47 Assault Rifle 60 500 Suppressor
DC3EliteIcon Unknown DC3 Elite Pistol 15 100 Suppressor
G36CIcon Heckler & Koch G36C Assault Rifle 70 500 Suppressor
MP5Icon Heckler & Koch MP5 Sub-machine 80 500 Suppressor
MAC10Icon Ingram MAC-10 Pistol 70 500 Suppressor
M16Icon Colt Defense M16 Assault Rifle 95 500 Suppressor
M249Icon United States Armed Forces M249 SAW Machine Gun 150 600 None
UziIcon Israel Military Industries Uzi Sub-machine 90 500 Suppressor

FN Herstal

P90 Sub-machine 100 500 None