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Veblensk City Street is the first mission encountered in the game. It is the easiest and shortest level of the game, laid out as a tutorial level for new players. The level introduces players to gameplay tactics, weapon tactics, weapon characteristics, objective types, objective tiers and destructible environments.

In this level Jack Keller and two other Black Ops soldiers are assigned to assault a Seventh Wave stronghold in the devastated city of Veblensk. Kellar manages to kill three high-ranking members of the cell, but towards the end of the mission he defies orders and rushes into a terrorist-controlled building, where a terrorist ambushes him.

It turns out that the terrorist is former CIA agent William Lennox, who faked his own death in a mission in Cairo and became the leader of Seventh Wave.




  • Blackmail (3)
  • Intel (3)
  • Recon (1)
  • Armament (1)
  • Destruction (9)


Tips Edit

Secret WeaponsEdit

  • Uzi - It is located in the square in which the museum is located. Players will find the Uzi at the top of the stairs of the building on the right of the museum entrance as well as a secondary Recon objective on the same floor.