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Treneska Border Crossing is the second mission of the game.

Objectives Edit

Primary Edit

  • Find the Treneska Border Crossing
  • Cross the Border
  • Cross the Vlodnik Canal
  • Find the Merjanki Farm/RV With MacCarver
  • Search the Farm Building
  • Eliminate Incoming Patrols
  • Clear Outbuildings (5 Buildings)

Secondary Edit

There are twelve secondary objectives on this level.

  • Blackmail (5)
  • Intel (5)
  • Recon (1)
  • Armament (1)

Walkthrough Edit

The level begins with player being given a Glock. The player should proceed to head up the hill directly in front of them as they'll find two enemies with AK-47s on the opposite side of it. Players can take their AK-47s as they will find an AK-47 suppressor past a huge tank within a cave.

Players should then return over the hill and make a right towards gate. They should then take a right and find 5 enemy soliders ahead as well as Glock ammo and a shotgun. Players should continue after killing the enemies and proceed down the hill.

Players should proceed to the bridge located ahead of them although they will come across a large courtyard with a large amount of enemies. Players will be blocked by a large steel door upon passing the yard but they should be aware of it as an RPG solider will blast through it.

Player will then continue through a tunnel towards a convoy of trucks as well as a sniper tower. They will also find two enemies patrolling the road. Players should continue along the road upon killing the enemies until they reach a series of barbed wire on their right side.

Player will have to enter a trench and a tunnel which will contain two enemies wielding shotguns. Players will exit to the farm finale which will contain a series of enemies appearing in waves. Players will RV with McCarver upon killing all of the enemies and clearing out the buildings.


Secret WeaponsEdit

  • RPG - It is located just before players will cross the bridge over the Vlodnik Canal. It can be found on a small hill if you go itno the forest to the left then take a right.

Gallery Edit