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Tivliz Asylum is the fifth mission of the game Black. This mission sees Kellar, MacCarver and Solomon tasked with the objective to capture a high-ranking member of Seventh Wave known as Valencio who has been sighted in the abandoned Tivliz Asylum.

Kellar, MacCarver and Solomon encounter heavy enemy resistance within the Tivliz Asylum. Kellar once again disobeys orders and goes inside to capture Valencio on his own leaving MacCarver and Solomon. Heavy enemy resistance is met by Kellar almost immediately upon entry with greater enemy numbers as he proceeds further below.

Kellar reaches the last room within the Asylum and engages Valencio's remaining bodyguards in a brutal battle. Kellar emerges victorious and goes into the destroyed machine gun nest to torture Valencio for information regarding the mission.


Primary MP5 Easy Up To Hard M16A2 BlackOpsEdit

Secondary GlockEdit



Secret WeaponsEdit

  • M16 - It is located after the player enters the Asylum and has to make their way up onto the first

floor of the building. Players will enter a long hallway filled with rooms in which they have to destroy the worn down walls in-order to advance through the level. The last door on the left of the hallway will be open. Players should enter the room and destroy the wall connecting to the locked room next the current room. Players will find a secondary Intel objective and an M16.

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