The Sub Machine Gun Specialists are a very tough unit of the Seventh Wave. They are a well armoured medium to heavy soldier, that consist of wearing a very thick kevlar vest, elbow pads, knee pads, jeans and a jean jacket. They also wear a black balaclava over their head and only wield an SMG. This could be a UZI, MAC-10 Elite or a P90 (If in Nazran Foundry). These are the types of enemies that you need to take out with precaution, as they can rapidly kill you if you get too close. Even though they are armed with SMG's, it is easy for them to low your health in a matter of seconds if engaged at close quarters combat, as they will shoot at a high rate of fire.


A Sub Machine Gun Specialist can be very unforgiving especially if you get too close in their way, their thick Kevlar vests make it very hard to kill them by shooting them in the torso (as much that firing away at their torso will take about one to two magazines to kill them with non-special weapons), not to mention that their SMG's high rate of fire always mow down your health very rapidly. A good way to eliminate these enemies is to aim to the head because of the lack of protection around  their head area, only covered by a black balaclava. Headshotting these enemies are always a one-hit kill no matter what weapon you have. If they are encountered in a group without a Close Quarters Specialist, its always advisable to kill the SMG-S's first as they will result very annoying while you're dealing with the other enemies.


  • Sub Machine Gun Specialists are first encounted in Nazran Foundry with P90's.
  • Unless a grenade is thrown, they rarely run away into cover, unlike soldiers and grunts who are likely to fire from cover. They are extremely resilient and get back into the firefight in a really quick manner. All SMG-S are likely to fire out in the open with no cover. For this fact the SMG-S can be considered the 'bravest' unit in game
  • The SMG-S are likely to be the first to spot you while you're undetected by the enemy, this often occurs when the SMG-S move on groups with Soldiers, Grunts, etc.