Infomation Edit

Solomon, callsign Bravo Four, is one of the three members of Bravo team. He first appears in Tivliz Asylum, then remains an ally through all levels up to the Gulag level, where your alone. Like McCarver, he wields a G36C, and had blue camoflauge.

Personality Edit

He appears to be the jester of the team. This can be heard during the start of Tivliz Asylum, where he says "Uh, maybe they're getting ready for a garage sale" on the platoon-sized enemy resistance. He is also the most vulgar of the team, which can be heard at the start of the Bridge level.

Trivia Edit

  • If he is idle, he will aim down the sights of his G36C and aim around.
  • Like McCarver, he is invincible.
  • He also apperas to be the explosives expert of the squad.