Infomaton Edit

The most deadly of all soldiers in Seventh Wave, they are strong, carry powerful weapons, and have armour. They have another variation, which is even more deadly and has enough armour to rival a Close Quarter Specialists. Strangely enough, they are the only enemy to have a melee animation.

Tactics Edit

If you spot one, taking him out is an absolute must. Their shields protect them from anything, from sniper shots to grenades. If encountered in a hallway, they literally become living cover for enemies (Abeit cover that can fire back). Thankfully, this only happens in Tivliz Asylum. If you do encounter one in a hallway (Which is only in Tivliz Asylum), go into a room in the hallway, and shoot the plaster walls to get around them. They won't follow you, and will just be standing there, facing where you are. However, if you go up close while they are like this, they will "Teleport", and will be facing you again. If you do manage to flank one, shoot him in the back with a shotgun, or pop a hand grenade behind him and run for cover. They have an elite variation, which makes its debut in the Dockyard level (Where they make quite a grand entrance of blowing a door down, which sometimes squashes their allies). They will be armed with Uzis there. They have more armour, and are more fierce looking. Using a shotgun, go up to one, and he will attempt to bash you with his shield. Move back when he does this, and shoot him when he is vulnerable. They reappear in the Bridge level. The best way to take them is to climb up a slope (A bit like the ones on Golden Gate Bridge). This time, each will be  armed with Mac-10 there. There is a sniper rifle in the middle support slope. If you have it, zoom up to 5x and shoot them in the feet while they are scaling the slope. This will result in a one hit kill. They also make another appearance in the level after you destroy the Gulag doors. Use either an M203, RPG or a grenade and fire/throw over their heads, behind them. However, their most deadly appearance will be in the Gulag itself, when you are in a courtyard with a great statue in the middle. After you kill the emplacement, a group of them will swarm out, each armed with Magnum, and will follow you. It's best to use explosives to take them out here, because Magnums pack the same punch as a shotgun.