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Nazran Town is the third mission in Black. MacCarver will accompany players through a graveyard, a tunnel system, trenches and an RPG alley in Nazran.

Objectives Edit

Primary Edit

  • Cross Nazran Town
  • Take Sniper Positions
  • Repel Enemy Reinforcements
  • Cross Sniper Alley
  • Enter Ressanov Tunnel Network

Secondary Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Nazran isa short level. Full of surprises, snipers and explosions.

Tips Edit

  • Carry the Walther in place of the Uzi until Sniper Alley but swiap it out for an RPG to make eliminating the enemy RPG soldiers easier.

Secret WeaponsEdit

  • M203 - It is located in the second graveyard where the player has the choice of two sniper positions. There is an old shack to the left of the left sniper position. Destroy the door and to find an M203, a secondary Blackmail objective and M203 grenades to the right of the shack.