Side profile of the MAC-10

The MAC-10 ELITE is a Sub-machine gun in Black, and is one more often found in enemies hands. This is your starting primary weapon on Vratska Dockyard, and comes with a suppressor.



  • High capacity magazine
  • Maneuverable


  • Terrible accuracy at mid range
  • Single shot is very unpredictable at range
  • Highly unmaneuverable with suppressor attached

Trivia Edit

  • The charging handle is on the the side than on the top.
  • It carries a mounted H&K style sights than the real C-More iron sights
  • Unknowly the suppreser will reattach itself if you pick the MAC-10 ELITE back up
  • It is heavly customized and resembles more a MAC-11, a smaller compact viariant of the MAC-10