M249 SAWEdit

The M249 SAW is a Light Machine Gun, available in the later levels of Black, and is capable of fully automatic fire for a prolonged amount of time.

Uses Edit

The SAW can be used for many different things. First and foremost, it can provide suppression fire for your teammates to allow them to take out the enemy. Second, it can be a massive killing machine. However, under sustained fire, it tends to become inaccurate.

Pros and Cons


  • Highest Capacity in the game. 150 rounds.
  • Can be fired for long periods of time before having to reload.
  • Very good firepower
  • Fire rate is slow and does not run out of ammo as fast as other weapons


  • High Recoil during sustained fire
  • Slow reload
  • Does not have a suppresser attachment
  • Fire modes cannot be switched

Trivia Edit

  • In game, the metal bullet box is very small and would have trouble holding more than 50 rounds, even thought is have a magazine size of 150 rounds holding linked ammunation.
  • The M249 lacks a stock in the game.
  • The charging handle is on the left rather than the right side of the gun.
  • Ejected bullets are sent upwards. The Real M249 ejects spent bullets downwards.