Information Edit

Grunts are the basic foot-soldiers of Seventh Wave forces. They are numerous, yet weak. They carry the level's most numerous weapon (AK 47 in the case of Velblesk City Street, G36C in the case of Nazran Foundry, etc). They only appear in earlier levels and Nazran Foundry. The rest of the time, Soldiers take their place. They wear green woodland camouflage, with an eye-showing balaclava on their faces and a beanie hat on their heads.

Tactics Edit

Grunts are very weak, the weakest in the game, with only 2 pistol shots to the chest required to kill one. The best way to deal with a group is to either use the environment to your advantage (Barrels), throw a grenade into the middle of them, causing them to split up, or just change your gun into automatic and mow them down with head-shots.