Side profile of a G36C
Clip Size 70
Fire Modes Auto, Semi-Auto, and Select-Fire

The Heckler & Koch G36C is an Assault Rifle mostly used by the other members of the Black Ops team but can be found in a few levels such as Spetriniv Gulag. It is your starting weapon in the 4th mission Naszran Foundry. The G36C fires 5.56 mm rounds and can have a suppressor attached. It is poweful with a fast rate of fire.

It looks dissimilar to any type of real G36C as the charging handle is located to the left side of the gun and it has a buttstock that resembles an MP5K.

Pros: -Fast rate of fire

-Can use a suppresser attachment for stealth

-Large magazine size, 70 rounds

-Fast reload


-Power is much weaker than the AK-47