AK 47

An Avtomat Kalashnikov, Model 1947
Clip Size 60
Fire Modes Auto, Semi-Auto, and Single Shot
The AK-47 is one of the primary weapons of Black. The AK-47 can be used for anything. Stealth missions with the suppressor, medium range sniping in single-shot mode and suppressive fire for all-out carnage. The AK-47 has a 60 round magazine and the player can carry a maximum of 60 + 500 standard, or unlimited with Silver Weapons.

Advantages Edit

  • The AK has greater stopping power than the M16 and G36C

Disadvantages Edit

  • Shortest effective range of the assault rifles

Differences Edit

In reality the AK-47 shoots the 7.62x39 bullet and the charging handle is along the right side of the gun instead of the left. In game all assault rifles including the M16 and G36C shoot the same ammunition. In game, the AK47 can share ammunition with the M16 and G36C assault rifles. This is for gameplay reasons.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike the real AK-47, the one in game has a charging handle on the left side instead of the right, which can clearly be seen seen in game.
  • Black's AK-47 fires at a slightly higher firerate than it's real life counterpart.
  • There is a small TacLight under the barrel, but is not used for anything.